Caring for your new Cowboy Sphynx kitty



Bathing your Sphynx Kitty


Since the sphynx has very little hair to absorb oils they have to be bathed more often than normal cats. Depending on your kitty about once a month. Using Johnsons head to toe baby wash NOT Baby shampoo. The ph. in shampoo will cause your kitten to produce more oils and you will have to bathe him or her more often. Use baby wipes for sensitive skin or fragrance free for touch up cleaning as needed. Warm them slightly and they will remove the dirt easily and be more enjoyable for your baby's comfort. They will have two bathes before they go home around 6 and 12 weeks old, so they will have been acquainted with the routine before they go home.


Cleaning Sphynx ears


Also due to the lack of hair you will notice the kitties ear wax builds up.  Use a mild ear wash, take a cotton ball saturate it with the wash and put it into the base of the ear and gently work the wash around the ear by squeezing the ear around the cotton ball. Pull the cotton ball out and wipe dry with a baby wipe or dry cloth. Only in the outer part of the ear use a Q-tip, cosmetic Q-tips work good to get into the little corners and remove the oily wax. This should be done as needed, in-between just wipe with a warm baby wipe the outer part of the ears.



Cleaning Sphynx eyes


The Sphynx also lacks eyelashes, which can result in dirt in the corners of their eyes. Use a clean soft washcloth with warm water and gently wipe the cats’ eyes and face. Only use a clean cloth with fresh clean water for your cats’ eyes and face.


Cleaning Sphynx Nails


You will notice another spot where there is wax build up is around the base of the nail. Using a warm baby wipe works well to remove the wax. I always use a warm baby wipe because it helps with breaking down the oils to remove it easier. Gently squeezing the paw pad and the top of the base of the nail will make the nail extend out which will help you get to the area you will need to clean. Remember a clean kitty is a happy kitty. By having a good cleaning routine you will not only have a clean kitty you will see if there is any issues that need attention.


Feeding your Sphynx


The sphynx has a high metabolism so make sure they have plenty of good quality dry food down at all times. Fresh water daily and can food at least once a day. I use grain free and will send my kitten’s home with a starter pack but I'm sure you will find what work for you. I can't stress enough how a good diet is so important!!  They say you are what you eat, this is so true with your four legged family too. Read labels, does your research give them the best nutrition for a long and health life? They will give you their love and devotion for as long as they live give them a long and healthy life.