Before you buy a cat or Any New Pet  do your research on the breed and the breeder. Make sure you are getting your new best friend from a reputable breeder and not a BYB that does not care about theirs cats just about making money.  There is no right or wrong answers. We ask each applicant to answer the following questions as completely as you can. You may copy and paste this into an email or fill out and save the word document to your computer and send it to us at





 1.   Why have you decided to purchase a cat \ kitten?


 2.   Which characteristics of the cat \ kitten have drawn you to this breed?


 3.   What research have you done on this breed?


 4.    Are you interested in a male or female cat \ kitten?


  5.    What color cat \ kitten would you like to have, do you want a hairless cat or an outcross. 


 6.    Would you take a different sex or color if your first choice is unavailable in this litter?


 7.    What do you know about the grooming requirements of a cat \ kitten?


8.    Are you interested in showing your cat \ kitten


 9.   Do you understand that all kittens well be spayed or neutered before going to a new home?


 10.   Is there any specific purpose that you want this cat \ kitten for?


 11.    Who will be the primary care giver of the cat \ kitten?


 12.   Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages?


 13.    Does anyone in your household have allergies?


 14.    Is anyone in your household elderly or infirm?


 15.    Do you have any other pets?


 16.   If you have a swimming pool.


17.   How many hours, on average, will the cat \ kitten be left on its own per day?


18.   Will the cat \ kitten be an inside or outside cat?


19.   Where will the cat \ kitten be kept when you are not at home?


 20.   Where will the cat \ kitten sleep?


 21.   Will the cat \ kitten be taken on family outings?


 22.   Would you consider an older cat \ kitten or an adult if one were available?


 23.   Have you ever raised a cat \ kitten before?


24. Have you own a hairless cat before


 25. Do you completely understand we have the right to take back the cat \ kitten\ if it is found to be  Mistreated in any way. And no money will be refunded.


26. Do you accept all responsibility of all vet bills after the cat \ kitten\cat is placed in your home.


27. Will you provide ADEQUATE FOOD, ADEQUATE WATER: and ADEQUATE SHELTER: for this cats life time. And for any reason you cannot you will return the cat to Cowboy kittys Cattery


28. Do you own your home or rent, if you rent are pets allowed with your lease?


29. You understand that all pets are a life time commitment and they are not disposable.


30. Will you adhere to your local pet laws?


31.  Do you have any questions you would like to ask us?


32. Your name


33. Phone number

34.Where are you located, will you need shipping or will you be

picking-up your new kitten/cat.