Cowboy Sphynxkittys SALES AGREEMENT



Kitten/Cat sold as  Pet__________

Alter Agreement:  Yes_________No_______

Sire name/ CFA #_________________________________

Dam/ CFA#_________________________________

Sold to______________________________





1.  All sales are final!  No returns, refunds, or exchanges except what is outlined by terms of this agreement.  Deposits will not be refunded!


2.  Seller guarantees this kitten to be in good health at the time of sale.  The buyer has a health guarantee extending for 72 hours from the day of purchase and delivery.  Seller advises the buyer to have the kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian during this period if the buyer feels there is something medically or congenital wrong with the kitten.  If the veterinarian finds a serious life threatening congenital condition, it will be exchanged for another kitten of equal value, upon written report from the vet that this kitten is "unfit for sale".  The kitten must be returned during the 72 hour period.  No exchanges will be made after this time period has expired.  Under no circumstances can the kitten be returned if it has been exposed to other cats/kittens.  The kitten cannot be destroyed prior to notification by purchaser to seller.


3.  The kitten/cat is guaranteed against congenital defects until one year of age.  Should the cat die within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, the cat will be replaced ONLY if a licensed vet performs an appropriate necropsy and a vet's certificate is provided as proof of cause of death.   Cowboy Sphynxkittys will replace said kitten with one of equal quality when there is one available.  Cost of this report and examination is the responsibility of the buyer.

  A 4 year HCM health guarantee is given with proof of yearly HCM scanning  done at least by the age 2



4.  The seller assumes no responsibility of this kitten after leaving the premises of the seller for medical expenses due to injury, landlord's or spouse disapproval, allergy to animals, disagreement of family, conflict of personality or for any other reason unless outlined in this agreement.  Therefore, it is agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to sold kitten except as set forth in writing in this agreement.


5.  This kitten has been examined by a licensed veterinarian of the State of Florida and an official State of Florida Certificate of Health accompanies said kitten.


6.  If this kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, Purchaser will surrender said kitten to Seller, unconditionally.


7.  Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, leased, or given away, to any pet shop or research laboratory


8.  There are no guarantees given on show achievements of kittens/cats sold with show rights.


9.  Should the purchaser at any time in the future decide to sell this cat/kitten, the Seller will be given first opportunity to take the cat/kitten back free of charge, except shipping if applicable.


10.  All kittens/cats will be neuter/spay before going home.


11.  This cat/kitten will not be exported outside of the USA without proper paperwork and clearance of the USFW.  Seller holds no responsibility of any kind if this is not done directly.


12.  The stress of moving to another home may cause soft stools.  Give your kitten time to adjust to his/her new environment


13.  Introduce your cat/kitten slowly to other pets and give him/her time to adjust, at least 2-4 weeks.  The kitten should be in a quarantine area such as a small bedroom or bathroom for 2 weeks to minimize the stress of the move to your new home.  This room should be calm and stress free.  Your new kitten is litter box trained when he/she leaves the seller.  Please show him/her where the litter box and food are several times a day.


14.  Buyer agrees to keep the new kitten from contact with other cats/kittens that haven't been tested for Feline Leukemia, FIP, illness or fungus.  Buyer is aware that the stress of moving the kitten could cause a break out of cold-like symptoms and or coccidia.  This is not a congenital or genetic condition.  Every animal has coccidia in his/her gut/intestines and the outbreak is caused by too much stress, therefore any medical and or veterinarian treatment is the responsibility of the buyer. 


15.  No cash refunds.  No exceptions.  Deposits are non-refundable!  Buyer will not dispute any fees and or funds paid by using PayPal or other credit card transactions at any time.  This signed contract at time of pick-up of cat\kitten or shipping documents are proof of the kitten/cat being received by the buyer.  NO refunds or buy backs.



16.  This contract agreement is binding to buyer and seller and is non-transferable.  By signing this contract, I agree with the terms and conditions of the contract and revoke all my rights to the Florida Pet Lemon Law.  Any legal action taken will be paid by the buyer and will take place in Marion County, Florida.

17. The kitten\cat will not be DE-CLAWED. READ HERE ABOUT DE-CLAWING

Having kitten\cat DE-CLAWED will void all guarantees on any kitten\cat.



The said kitten will not be given live virus vaccines, this will void the health guarantee.  The said kitten  will only be given modified live (MLV) or killed virus vaccines.


The said kitten will not be given the FIP vaccines.  This will void the health guarantee.


The said kitten will be tested negative for Feline Leukemia when it leaves seller's home.  Therefore, the seller does not guarantee the kitten against Feline Leukemia once it leaves seller's home.





Sign Here——————————————

Kittens will NOT be placed on hold until deposit and contracts are

 Signed and received back to Cowboy Sphynx Kitty.


  I will no longer hold on to kittens after they are due to go to their new Homes!


If I do there will be a Boarding fee of $25.00 per-day, for each day the kitten is not pick-up after the date of pick-up. And if the kitten is not pick up after two weeks

I will resell the kitten and no money will be refunded.